High School basketball announcers fired for calling two girls ‘extremely overweight’ on hot mic

Maine High School basketball announcers are fired after getting caught on hot mic saying two ‘awful’ female players were ‘extremely overweight’ Jim Carter and Steve Shaw were preparing to call a game on WHOU-FM’s livestream while another game was going on in front of them  In a video posted to Twitter, you can hear either … Read more

He’s a mountain rescue cat! Orion braves the elements as he climbs Wales’ highest summit Snowdon

He’s a mountain rescue cat! Orion braves the elements as he climbs Wales’ highest summit Snowdon with a bit of help from his owner who took him home from animal shelter Orion the rescue cat climbed Mount Snowdon and Sugar Loaf Mountain in Wales earlier this year with his owner Katie, 31, and her pet … Read more

Dome-shaped house that runs purely on all-natural energy from the sun goes on the market for $690K

A sustainable, off-the-grid dome-shaped house that runs purely on all-natural energy from the sun has gone on the market for $690,000 – and it’s the perfect place for someone to reconnect with nature. The quirky, 1,477-square-foot home, in Kennebunkport, Maine, was built in 2003. It is described as a ‘monolithic dome’ and is made out … Read more

‘Cannibal’ solar flares trigger spectacular Northern Lights display across the US

A ‘cannibal’ solar flare triggered a spectacular Northern Lights show across Northern parts of the United States on Wednesday, with the hues seen as far south as California and Connecticut.  It came as the result of three outbursts from the sun, called coronal mass ejections (CMEs), since Monday. The third outburst overtook the two previous … Read more

Researchers find evidence of prehistoric human activity in Falkland Islands

Scientists have discovered evidence of prehistoric humans on the Falkland Islands, upending the idea that European explorers were the first people to set foot on archipelago. A group of researchers, led by those at the University of Maine, have discovered animal bones, charcoal records dating back 8,000 years and other evidence of human activity that … Read more

Private island off Maine coast for sale – $339,000 with cottage complete with OUTHOUSE and NO shower

A remote, private island off the coast of Maine with a charming cottage but no heat or running water is looking for a hardy buyer, one that won’t mind washing up in the brisk Atlantic Ocean waters or relieving themselves in the nearby outhouse.  The cabin – and outhouse – are located on Duck Ledges … Read more

Stunning drone photography captures red, orange gold and PURPLE fall leaves across the US

Stunning drone footage and photographs shows trees across the United States exploding into vibrant fall colors.    New England states famed for their dazzling fall displays – New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, put on a typically-brilliant show, with their forests a mass of red, yellow and orange, as well as the odd green tree that’s yet … Read more

People receiving the J&J vaccine may not need to be watched for allergic reactions

Is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine allergy free? Experts say clinics may not need to watch patients for severe reactions for 15 minutes after getting the shot because it uses different technology from Pfizer and Moderna Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine combines genetic material from the coronavirus with the genes of virus that caused colds to induce … Read more

Leading cancer surgeon found guilty of misconduct for abusing doctor lover

A top cancer surgeon has been banned from treating patients for three months after he repeatedly subjected his girlfriend to a torrent of alcohol-fueled rage and accused of her of having multiple affairs. Jeremy McKenzie, 55, verbally abused his partner – named only as Dr A – on a ‘daily basis’ and once fell on top of the mother-of-two while he … Read more