iPhone 15 is officially UNVEILED: Apple’s new smartphone starts at $799

Apple gave the world its first look at its new iPhone 15 during Tuesday’s annual September product event. The sleek device has a textured matte finish, a ceramic shield and supports USB-C charging. Apple said that USB-C charging cables are coming to both its iPhone 15 and the charging case of its AirPods Pro devices, allowing … Read more

NASA manages to produce enough oxygen on Mars to sustain an astronaut for a few hours – raising hopes for future colonies on the Red Planet

Whenever the first astronauts land on Mars, they may have to thank a microwave-oven-sized device for the air they breathe.  That’s because a small, golden cube aboard NASA’s Perseverance rover has produced enough oxygen on the Red Planet to keep a human alive, at least for a while.  In total, the MOXIE instrument has made 122 … Read more

Perseverance rover captures photo of a discarded thermal blanket on Mars

It turns out Earth is not the only planet humans are contaminating. A new image snapped by NASA’s Perseverance rover captures the sad reality of how we are already littering Mars with rubbish. Engineers discovered a discarded thermal blanket which they said was used to protect the car-sized vehicle from extreme temperatures it experienced during landing. … Read more

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover has a pet rock that’s hitching a ride

Flight one: April 19, 2021 with a vertical takeoff up to 9.8ft, stationary hover and a landing  Flight two: April 22, 2021 with a vertical takeoff up to 16ft, hover, then shift westward for 14ft before returning and landing  Flight three: April 25, 2021 with a vertical takeoff up to 16ft, hover, shift northwards for 328ft … Read more

Space explorers will become part-cyborg to adapt, Astronomer Royal says

Why space explorers trying to survive on other planets really could become Cybermen Modern space pioneers could  become a mix of ‘flesh, blood and electronics’ Lord Rees said: ‘…explorers on Mars will be out of the clutches of the regulators’ Within a generation the Mars explorers could become a quite different species The explorers could … Read more

NASA is offering $70,000 as a prize for the best design for a Martian metaverse

Could YOU design a Martian metaverse? NASA challenges developers to create a virtual reality environment to help train astronauts for Mars missions – and is offering $70,000 in prizes Developers being offered $70,000 in prizes to design best Martian metaverses NASA put out a plea for ‘a new virtual reality research and testing environment’ Aim is … Read more

NASA extends Ingenuity Mars Helicopter’s mission through to September

NASA has announced plans to extend the hugely successful mission of its Mars Helicopter through to September. The Ingenuity rotorcraft, which is just 18 inches tall, was originally designed to fly five times on Mars but has just completed its 21st trip across the Red Planet. It made history in April 2021 when it completed the … Read more

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says Starship will make launch this year awaiting FAA approval in March

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk gave an update on the highly-anticipated interplanetary Starship rocket which he aims to take to the Moon in 2025 and later Mars, during a  press conference at his Starbase in Texas on Thursday.   Musk, 50, told the crowd that he believes he could successfully launch the Starship spacecraft into orbit by the end of … Read more