Biden’s Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says there is ‘not much that can be done’ on gas prices

Gasoline prices set another new record high on Tuesday, averaging $4.92 per gallon for regular just as many families prepare to set off on their summer vacations. Average gas prices have jumped 30 cents in the past week, and $1.87 from a year ago, according to the AAA Gas Price Index, and are now on … Read more

Democratic Sen. Stabenow brags it doesn’t ‘matter’ how high gas prices are because she drives an EV

Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow said that record-high gas prices ‘don’t matter’ to her because she has an electric vehicle as she urged Americans to by eco-friendly vehicles and decrease reliability on greedy oil companies. Her comments came on the day the average price per gallon of gas in the U.S. reached a new high of $4.92. … Read more

GOP prepares ‘ARMY’ of lawyers to contest upcoming elections in battleground Michigan – Report 

The Michigan GOP is building a vast network aimed at challenging and overturning election results in the battleground state’s heavily Democratic areas – using an ‘army’ of specially-trained poll workers and attorneys, a new report revealed on Wednesday. Michigan Republicans are training right-wing activists to be poll workers via an ‘Election Inspector and Poll Challenger … Read more

Michigan teacher is suspended after classroom activity comparing Obama to monkeys and apes

Michigan teacher is suspended after including photo of Barack Obama in a class about apes, monkeys and lemurs and asking pupils to spot the primate Roeper’s High School in Birmingham suspended the Asian Pacific biology female after her failure to ban the classroom activity caused outrage  The teacher at the $30,000-a-year school said she downloaded … Read more

Long-lost lovers reveal what happened after they reunited with an ex-partner

Second time lucky? Long-lost lovers reveal what happened after they reconnected with an ex-partner – including one who ‘helped him cheat’ on the girlfriend he initially left her for People from around the world shared experiences of reuniting with an ex-lover Posting on Whisper, a man said his ex shows more affection than his girlfriend … Read more

Michigan man who parked outside Supreme Court last October detained for doing the same thing again

Michigan man, 55, who parked his Chevy outside the Supreme Court and refused to move last October is detained by Capitol Police for doing the same thing AGAIN Dale Paul Melvin, from Michigan, was questioned by US Capitol Police after parking his Chevy Tahoe outside US Supreme Court  Police briefly closed off the area while … Read more

Biden’s nominee for Federal Reserve Governor has called for reparations for black Americans

One of President Biden picks for the Federal Reserve Board has called for black Americans to receive reparations for decades of slavery and economic discrimination. Details emerged in the week when Republican are expected to grill Lisa Cook, an economics professor at Michigan State University, about whether her public views would prevent her being a … Read more

Burberry store in Chicago ‘uses two cars as barricade to deter robbers’

A Burberry store on Chicago’s famed Magnificent Mile that has been repeatedly targeted by brazen smash-and-grab robbers in recent weeks now appears to be guarded by two vehicles in the overnight hours.  The purported makeshift barricade, made up of an SUV and a pickup truck blocking the door at 633 North Michigan Avenue after hours, … Read more