House prices fall for second month in a row, according to official figures with London leading the drop

House prices fell for the second month in a row in October, according to official figures. House prices fell 1.2 per cent in the 12 months to October, the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows.  It means the average UK home was worth £288,000, which was £3,000 lower than 12 months … Read more

The 10 ‘affordable’ classic cars that have increased in value most in 2023

Investing in classic cars isn’t just for millionaires and deep-pocketed enthusiasts – it can also be a savvy financial decision for those on tighter purse strings. The big problem is identifying which ‘affordable’ collectible cars could become appreciating assets.  Fortunately, Hagerty’s Price Guide can help direct people towards the motors that are accelerating in price. … Read more

British Gas and E.ON can challenge Octopus Energy’s takeover Bulb, judge rules

By Daily Mail City & Finance Reporter Updated: 22:34 GMT, 19 December 2023 Ruling: British Gas and E.ON are challenging Octopus’ takeover of Bulb British Gas and E.ON can continue their legal battle over Octopus Energy’s takeover of a rival, a judge has ruled. The suppliers are challenging Octopus’ takeover of Bulb, which collapsed in … Read more

We need YOU to keep shining a light on poor company behaviour: We’ll always fight your corner, says LEE BOYCE

By Lee Boyce for Updated: 06:00 GMT, 16 December 2023 In an ideal world, our team of personal financial journalists would never need to step in and help you when things go wrong. What I mean is: we’d love to see companies, government departments and other organisations always treat people fairly, and come up … Read more

INVESTING EXPLAINED: What you need to know about SPIVA – S&P Indices versus Active

By City & Finance Reporter Updated: 21:58 GMT, 15 December 2023 In this series, we bust the jargon and explain a popular investing term or theme. Here it’s SPIVA.  What’s this? SPIVA stands for S&P Indices versus Active. The SVIPA Scorecard is a report that’s been published every six months for the past 20 years … Read more

GUINNESS GLOBAL EQUITY INCOME FUND: Managers deliver upbeat forecast over Fortnum’s finger food

By Jeff Prestridge Updated: 17:21 GMT, 15 December 2023 Many fund managers have been unable to wean themselves off Zoom since the dark days of lockdown.  So, it was heartening to rock up at the packed Fortnum & Mason store in London ten days ago and see the joint managers of Guinness Global Equity Income … Read more

Ofgem pressures energy firms to improve customer service levels

Energy regulator Ofgem has laid out new rules for gas and electricity firms These rules will bolster lacklustre customer service and aid the vulnerable  By Sam Barker Updated: 14:35 GMT, 15 December 2023 Energy firms are being forced to improve low levels of customer service with new rules from regulator Ofgem. Gas and electricity firms … Read more

Energy bills to rise by an extra £16 next year to cover unpaid customer debt

Energy regulator Ofgem has plans to put gas and electricity bills up even further  The planned rise would pay suppliers for the cost of all unpaid energy bills  By Sam Barker Updated: 10:35 GMT, 15 December 2023 Households face paying higher energy bills next year to help protect energy firms against soaring consumer debt. Energy … Read more

Fixed-rate mortgages could fall below 4% within weeks amid a price war, experts say

By Adele Cooke and John-Paul Ford Rojas Updated: 08:53 GMT, 15 December 2023 Homeowners can look forward to fixed-rate loans falling below 4 per cent within weeks amid a mortgage price war, experts said yesterday. TSB has slashed the cost of its home loans by up to 0.35 percentage points from today. The move follows … Read more