The 10 ‘affordable’ classic cars that have increased in value most in 2023

Investing in classic cars isn’t just for millionaires and deep-pocketed enthusiasts – it can also be a savvy financial decision for those on tighter purse strings. The big problem is identifying which ‘affordable’ collectible cars could become appreciating assets.  Fortunately, Hagerty’s Price Guide can help direct people towards the motors that are accelerating in price. … Read more

A fifth of motorists waste £140 of fuel a year by driving with all four tyres underinflated, study finds

Millions of drivers are wasting hundreds of pounds in fuel a year simply by not inflating their vehicle’s tyres correctly, according to a new study. Mechanics at a garage in Wales checked the pressures of 100 vehicles in for a service over the period of one month and found that 72 per cent had tyres … Read more

Range Rover believed to be owned by the Queen sells at auction – but was it really her car?

When a car thought to be owned and used by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II comes up for auction, there’s usually plenty of fanfare followed by competitive bidding among collectors trying to secure its keys. But over the weekend a Range Rover from her fleet sold for a surprisingly low price when the hammer dropped. … Read more

Mark Morell, known as Mr Pothole, has used Pot Noodle to fill potholes in his hometown of Brackley

That’s using your noodle! Man becomes so fed up with potholes in British road he fills them up with Pot Noodles in a bid to get them fixed Mark Morell has filled potholes with Pot Noodle to force the government to act Mr Morell, of Brackley, Northants, called the pothole crisis a ‘serious issue’ By Zac … Read more