Our first spin in the Porsche Taycan – the German brand’s first electric sports car

I’ve just been driving the electrifying new entry-level version of Porsche’s battery-powered zero-emissions Taycan sports coupe. It might be the cheapest on offer, but I’d hesitate to say affordable, as the list price of the new all-wheel-drive Taycan 4S starts from £83,367 – and well-heeled customers for this exciting pure electric sporting grand tourer could … Read more

For every electric car there are 37 new SUVs purchased

The ongoing popularity of gas-guzzling SUVs could hamper the nation from reaching its air pollution targets, a new report has warned.  Despite ministers’ attempts to push drivers into electric vehicles, they are being outsold by 37-to-1 by SUV models that, on average, produce a quarter more dirty emissions than an average medium-size car, the study … Read more

Prosecutions for Blue Badge offences rise 18% but not all councils punish abusers

Prosecutions for Blue Badge offences rise 18% as it’s revealed that a third of councils in England DON’T punish those who use permits fraudulently Some 2.29 million motorists in England have a Blue Badge – 4% of all drivers Latest figures show there were 1,432 prosecutions for misuse of the permits Massive 99% of these … Read more

Deaths on UK motorways up 8% as Highways England says ‘smart’ routes are safe

The Department for Transport confirmed today that for the seventh consecutive year there has been no meaningful reduction in fatalities on Britain’s roads. The latest report on 2018 road casualties confirmed there were 1,784 deaths – down just one per cent compared to the previous year – although British roads are already among the safest in … Read more

McLaren’s GT is a 203mph supercar you can take to the golf club

I’ve been flying the flag on the continent behind the wheel of British supercar-maker McLaren’s powerful new long-legged and refined 203mph GT grand tourer. And before I even pressed the accelerator, I was bowled over by the gorgeous, aerodynamic lines that are elegantly sophisticated rather than shouty and beautiful rather than brash. Nevertheless with its … Read more