INVESTING EXPLAINED: What you need to know about SPIVA – S&P Indices versus Active

By City & Finance Reporter Updated: 21:58 GMT, 15 December 2023 In this series, we bust the jargon and explain a popular investing term or theme. Here it’s SPIVA.  What’s this? SPIVA stands for S&P Indices versus Active. The SVIPA Scorecard is a report that’s been published every six months for the past 20 years … Read more

GUINNESS GLOBAL EQUITY INCOME FUND: Managers deliver upbeat forecast over Fortnum’s finger food

By Jeff Prestridge Updated: 17:21 GMT, 15 December 2023 Many fund managers have been unable to wean themselves off Zoom since the dark days of lockdown.  So, it was heartening to rock up at the packed Fortnum & Mason store in London ten days ago and see the joint managers of Guinness Global Equity Income … Read more

Lunch Money is coming soon: Don’t miss This is Money’s new video show on the news you need to know

By This Is Money Updated: 16:23 BST, 20 October 2023 What’s happening to house prices? Are energy bills set to fall further? What’s the latest on inflation? Which companies have reported results and what shares are on the move? If you want to know the answers to these questions and more, tune in to This … Read more

CITY WHISPERS: Bean counters uncover mates rates at Superdry

CITY WHISPERS: Bean counters uncover mates rates at Superdry By Calum Muirhead Updated: 11:45 BST, 24 September 2023 An unusual arrangement has popped up in the latest set of accounts for clothing brand Superdry. The personal pension fund of its boss, Julian Dunkerton, is seemingly charging half the market rate for rent on properties at … Read more

What is capital gains tax and how much will I pay?

How does capital gains tax work? When you have to pay and what the CGT rates and allowances are for second homeowners, landlords and investors? By Tanya Jefferies for Updated: 15:42 BST, 22 September 2023 Capital gains tax is levied on profits from assets ranging from shares to second homes, buy-to-let properties and personal … Read more

Should you trust money advice from finfluencers on TikTok and YouTube?

There has been a huge increase in the popularity of finfluencers, aka financial influencers, over the last few years, especially among newer investors. Savers and investors, especially those in their late teens, twenties and early thirties, are increasingly turning to finfluencers on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok to help with their financial … Read more

Boost for regular investors as Hargreaves Lansdown cuts fees

Wealth manager Hargreaves Lansdown cutting cost of regular investing by dropping some of its charges for buying and selling investments By Toby Walne, Financial Mail on Sunday Published: 21:50 BST, 8 April 2023 | Updated: 11:16 BST, 9 April 2023 Wealth manager Hargreaves Lansdown is cutting the cost of regular investing by dropping some of … Read more

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Invest in L&G as it branches out for profits

Cheers: Oxford University has a £4billion partnership with Legal & General Oxford University is almost a thousand years old, tracing its origins to 1096. Next year, when the Life and Mind Building opens on campus, it will be the biggest construction project ever undertaken by the university and its largest teaching and research facility.  The building, … Read more