Best one year savings deals: How to get a 2.45% rate

The best one-year fixed rate savings deal has hit 2.26 per cent but one simple trick enables savers to do even better. Savers depositing £10,000 or more with Aldermore Bank’s 2.2 per cent deal, via Hargreaves Lansdown’s savings platform are eligible for at least £20 cashback. This means someone putting £10,000 into the account could effectively … Read more

Best fixed rate savings deal now offered by Hargreaves Lansdown

The competition between major savings platforms has intensified meaning an array of sign-up bonuses on offer that boosts regular rates and makes them clear best buys. For example, Hargreaves Lansdown has launched a ‘cashback’ incentive aimed at enticing savers to sign-up and use its savings platform. The incentive allows savers using its Active Savings Account to … Read more