Private parking companies threaten NHS patients over small hospital car park fines

Private parking firms are threatening vulnerable NHS patients with bailiffs over minor hospital car park fines, with one hounding pensioner over 50p penalty David Sampson, 69, parked at Coventry and Warwickshire Trust in Aug 2018  The Parking Eye machine broke so he overstayed by accident and fined £140  Since then he has had six or … Read more

Device allows surgeons to mend failing heart while it is STILL BEATING

A breakthrough device is allowing NHS surgeons to mend failing heart valves with a series of tiny stitches inserted while the heart still beats – saving the lives of people deemed too frail for open-heart surgery. At present, sick patients can be denied the standard valve-repair operation because it requires a heart bypass – when … Read more

Serious Government failures led to the deaths of six patients from listeria-contaminated sandwiches

Professor John Ashton said an outbreak of listeria in mass-produced hospital sandwiches this year was the result of ‘systematic failings’ by the Government Serious failures in public health led to the deaths of six NHS patients from listeria-contaminated sandwiches, a report claims. Former health chief Professor John Ashton said a deadly outbreak of listeria in … Read more

Toddler denied respite care as she weighs TWO STONE

Like  any proud grandmother, Tricia Risbridger loves nothing more than cuddling her two-year-old granddaughter Esmai. The toddler adores listening to music, singing, and playing the xylophone. But despite these moments of joy that will be familiar to so many, life for the family is a struggle. Esmai needs round-the-clock care since an unexplained seizure shortly … Read more

One in four doctors come from countries that are ‘banned from working for the NHS’

One in four new NHS medics come from countries that are ‘banned’ from working for the health service, figures have revealed. The NHS’ Code of Practice lists 97 nations that ‘should not be actively recruited from’ because they receive aid or suffer from a shortages of medics. But an investigation has shown certain NHS trusts … Read more

Heartbroken parents of terminally-ill children launch legal action for life-saving drugs on the NHS

The heartbroken parents of two terminally-ill children have launched legal action to get a potentially life-saving drug on the NHS. Oliver, eight, and Amelia Carroll, six, suffer from fatal neuro-degenerative condition Batten disease. There is no cure for the condition, which is estimated to affect 30 to 50 children in the UK, meaning Oliver and … Read more

More than a MILLION people may have missed out on a meningitis vaccine due to an IT blunder

A 21-year-old man died after his GP failed to alert him he was eligible for a free meningitis vaccine due to a computer blunder.  Tim Mason began to fell unwell on March 15 last year but pushed on regardless. The following day, Mr Mason, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, woke in the early hours violently vomiting, prompting … Read more

Prostate cancer patients could be spared radiotherapy side effects thanks to protective hyrdogel

Thousands of prostate cancer patients could be spared side effects of radiotherapy thanks to gel which protects organs from radiation A new gel could spare prostate cancer patients from radiotherapy side effects NHS bosses have approved its funding and 1,000 men will recieve it in 2020 The gel is injected before radiotherapy and provides cushion … Read more