Wonky skull of Styracosaurus leads palaeontologists to question past identifications of species

Wonky skull of five-metre-long Styracosaurus named ‘Hannah’ with a fan of long horns leads scientists to question previous theory that all dinosaurs had symmetrical faces The intact Styracosaurus skull has wonky horns and was discovered in Canada  Asymmetrical face suggests more morphological variability than thought  Scientists fear incomplete skulls have been mistakenly classed as new species … Read more

Hidden code reveals Samsung working on camera modes like ‘Director’s View’ and ‘Night Hyperlapse’

Hidden code reveals Samsung is working on camera modes like ‘Director’s View’ and ‘Night Hyperlapse’ that could be rolled out in future phones Samsung is working on several new camera modes according to hidden code Modes include ‘Director’s View’ that lets users switch between lenses A ‘Night Hyperlapse’ brings time-lapse capabilities to low-light settings Its … Read more

Studies suggest NASA’s Mars 2020 mission landing site could hold signs of ancient life

The location where NASA plans to land its rover on Mars could hold signs of ancient microbial life. Scientists are set to investigate the Jezero crater in the Mars 2020 mission, which was home to a lake 3.5 billion years ago and is littered with carbonates and hydrated silica. Carbonates located in the crater’s inner rim … Read more

Vizio points to outdated Chromecast software as potential cause of streaming problems with Disney+

Here’s a look at the new streaming challengers and what you get with each:  NEW PLAYERS  Disney+ Disney’s entertainment service, featuring shows and movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. Launch date: November 12 Price: $7 a month or $70 a year. Getting Disney Plus with ESPN Plus and Hulu, both owned … Read more

Lasers, X-rays and infrared are helping to discover the secrets of ancient Egyptian mummies

Modern technology is ‘shining a light’ on what daily life was like in ancient Egypt by using lasers, X-rays, and infrared to examine the bones of mummies.  A number of bone samples dating back between 2,000 and 4,000 years have been tested using the Advanced Light Source at Berkeley Labs in California.  It works by … Read more

Vladimir Putin calls for set of ‘moral rules’ to guide interaction between humans and AI

It is an issue troubling some of the greatest minds in the world at the moment, from Bill Gates to Elon Musk. SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk described AI as our ‘biggest existential threat’ and likened its development as ‘summoning the demon’. He believes super intelligent machines could use humans as pets. Professor Stephen … Read more

Mysterious 300-million-year-old ‘Tully monster’ may not be the creature scientists thought it was

Mysterious 300-million-year-old ‘Tully monster’ may not be the creature scientists thought it was – as new research reveals it wasn’t a vertebrate after all Tullimonstrum, also known as the Tully monster, lived 300 million years ago It has baffled scientists since fossils were first discovered 60 years ago   A 2016 discovery of stiffened cartilage classified Tully … Read more

How to stop seagulls stealing your food

They are the menace of seaside holidays, brazenly snatching ice-creams and chips right out of people’s hands. But scientists have come up with a way to stop seagulls stealing food, by staring them straight in the eye. Cocky as they appear, seagulls are far less likely to take food when someone is looking at them, … Read more