Daniel Andrews takes a swipe at Scott Morrison saying he didn’t give Victoria ‘our fair share’

Dan Andrews takes ANOTHER dig at Scott Morrison as he shares the reason why many Victorians voted for Anthony Albanese Mr Andrews took shot at Morrison over Victoria’s Suburban Rail Loop He said Victoria ‘didn’t get our fair share’ after former PM refused to fund project Mr Andrews suggested that was one reason why Victorians support … Read more

Scott Morrison blamed for turning women against him causing Liberals to lose election 

Scott Morrison’s unpopularity cost the Liberal Party a winnable election against an opposition that lost millions of votes to the Greens and independents. Labor won a comfortable victory on Saturday that will likely send Anthony Albanese to The Lodge with a majority government. However, its primary vote was just 32.8 per cent, a 0.5 per … Read more

Alan Jones takes a swing at former Prime Minister Scott Morrison: ‘He believed his own bulls**t’

Broadcaster Alan Jones claims the election was lost ‘months ago’ for Scott Morrison because the former prime minister believed his own spin. Speaking on his show on Tuesday night, Jones, an outspoken conservative, said the Liberals had lessons to learn from their election defeat.  ‘No-one wants to be dancing on anyone’s political grave, but… Scott … Read more

Why Scott Morrison lost the election: Ousted Liberal MP Dave Sharma gives verdict

Why Scott Morrison REALLY lost the election: Furious Liberal MP who lost to ‘teal’ independent gives damning verdict of former PM – ‘viscerally disliked, insincere, too religious and loves coal’ Dave Sharma, a moderate Liberal MP, lost seat of Wentworth to an independent He said voters he spoke to had an ‘almost visceral’ reaction to … Read more

Twitter trolls try to get Scott Morrison’s account DELETED for sill having ‘Prime Minister’ in bio

Petty Twitter trolls try to get Scott Morrison’s account DELETED because he hasn’t got around to taking ‘Prime Minister’ out of his bio yet: ‘He’s impersonating Albo’  Twitter trolls pounce on Scott Morrison being slow to update his account profile  Because he is still described as PM trolls want him reported as an impersonator  In … Read more

Anthony Albanese fans create Twitter account for ‘Australia’s First Dog’ Toto

Anthony Albanese fans create adorable Twitter account for ‘Australia’s First Dog’ Toto and he already has thousands of followers and puppy penpals A Twitter account has been created for Anthony Albanese’s dog Toto Fans of the newly-elected PM created the account following the election They’ve named Mr Albanese’s dog ‘Australia’s First Dog’ in the bio  … Read more

Abbie Chatfield BLASTS Scott Morrison in vile profanity-laden rant about the former Prime Minister

Abbie Chatfield BLASTS Scott Morrison in vile profanity-laden rant as she calls the former Prime Minister the C-word and says she has no shame about ‘disrespecting’ him By D. Lawrance For Daily Mail Australia Published: 07:57 BST, 24 May 2022 | Updated: 08:04 BST, 24 May 2022 Abbie Chatfield has never hidden her disdain for former … Read more

DANIEL JOHNSON : Rise of the Left, and blunders Down Under that Boris Johnson must learn from

Back in December 2020, Brexit talks were stalling and an ‘Australia-style’ no-deal between Britain and the EU loomed. That was when Boris Johnson was overheard whistling the Aussie ballad Waltzing Matilda in the corridors of No 10. In the event, of course, a deal was signed – and the Prime Minister focused his attentions elsewhere … Read more

Will Australia’s new Prime Minister cut ties with the Queen?

Australia has elected a pro-republic prime minister, raising fears the country will look to remove the Queen as its head of state. Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese, 59, won a crushing victory over prime minister Scott Morrison’s Liberals at the weekend, leaving royal supporters anxiously wondering what it meant for the nation’s ties with the monarchy. … Read more

Scott Morrison offers bonus to retirees who sell house so younger families can buy first home 

Scott Morrison offers lucrative $300,000 incentive to retirees who downsize their homes so young families can buy their first property – and claims the incentive will free up 1.3million houses Prime Minister said it will make up to another 1.3million houses available for sale  Proposal also features a two year grace period before asset testing … Read more