Should you tip waiting staff more at Christmas? Etiquette expert recommends DOUBLING tips over the festive period (as study shows the older people get, the less they give)

By Jessica Hamilton Published: 14:03 GMT, 20 December 2023 | Updated: 14:03 GMT, 20 December 2023 Britons are by their very nature quite cautious with restaurant tips. But an etiquette expert is advising them to loosen up over the festive period and be more generous. In fact, he recommends doubling the amount they’d normally offer.   … Read more

I’m a travel expert and here’s the secret reason I’m GUARANTEED a free seat next to me in economy

By Ted Thornhill, Mailonline Travel Editor Published: 13:41 GMT, 17 December 2023 | Updated: 13:41 GMT, 17 December 2023 One of the greatest thrills when travelling is undoubtedly booking economy on a plane – and having a spare seat next to you. This turns a cattle-class seat into a budget business-class berth, with the option … Read more

Abandoned Cyprus: Haunting photos show a former booming beach resort that’s now frozen in time

Forgotten churches, an apocalyptic car show room, barren boutiques and tower blocks being reclaimed by nature. These haunting photographs capture the once-booming beach resort of Varosha, located on coastline known in bygone times as the Riviera of the Eastern Mediterranean. Varosha lies in a UN buffer zone that separates Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus and the Republic … Read more

Welcome to Sweden! Meet the TikTok-famous Swedish ice bather who enjoys (very) cold dips with rubber ducks and FROZEN LOLLIES

By Jessica Hamilton Published: 08:18 GMT, 17 December 2023 | Updated: 08:18 GMT, 17 December 2023 The idea of taking a dip in freezing water would leave most people cold. But for Swedish TikTok sensation Erik Fellman, it’s a case of icy come, icy go. He plunges himself into icy water almost every day, every … Read more

Parents who booked all-inclusive ‘kids hotel’… are surprised to find it full of children

When booking a family-friendly holiday, one should know what to expect: entertainment for all ages, children running around with ice-lollies in hand, and parents taking a well-deserved break by relaxing on sun loungers.  Well, not according to one set of parents, who took their toddler abroad to a child-friendly hotel and were shocked to find … Read more

As British Airways announces £7billion overhaul in bid to reclaim ‘world’s favourite airline’ title from Middle Eastern rivals after years of decline, Travel Editor MARK PALMER reveals 25 things it could do to improve right now

By Mark Palmer Travel Editor For The Daily Mail Published: 01:35 GMT, 16 December 2023 | Updated: 01:42 GMT, 16 December 2023 1 Deliver passenger and baggage to the same airport at the same time. And bend over backwards to help out when this does not happen. 2 Hire sensible, middle-aged women with a sense … Read more

Revealed: The airlines most likely to ruin your Christmas, with a study by Which? ranking 35 major carriers for punctuality and cancellations – and it’s not good news for BA passengers

The airlines that are the most likely to spoil Christmas getaways by taking off late or being cancelled have been revealed – and it’s not good news for British Airways passengers. That’s according to a Which? study that analysed punctuality and cancellation statistics for 35 major carriers to see who will get passengers home for Christmas … Read more

The best and worst value places to go skiing in Europe this winter – with Bulgaria losing its crown as the cheapest destination to ITALY

For the first time in a decade, Bulgarian ski resorts Borovets and Bansko have lost their position as being the best value in Europe. Their crown has been taken for the 2023/24 winter season by Italy’s Bardonecchia. The resort has been rated best value for adult skiing in the Post Office Travel Money Ski Resort … Read more

Ten Christmas traditions… you’ve probably never heard of

From a penny in the black pudding to kissing under the mistletoe, Christmas traditions are not just about Santa in the UK. But what about traditions celebrated in countries across the globe?  Whether it’s chocolate filled shoes, an evening roller skating or eating KFC, other nations have their own peculiar ways of celebrating the festive period. … Read more

‘Intoxicated, verbally abusive’ American Airlines passenger is filmed hurling slurs at her fellow travelers – before VOMITING on the bags of the woman behind her – as plane staff are slammed for refusing to clean it up

A woman has opened up about her flight from hell – which she says saw an ‘intoxicated’ passenger verbally abusing her fellow travelers before vomiting on two of her bags.  Nicole Schreib was getting ready to travel from New York to Miami on a American Airlines flight when she says she spotted two highly intoxicated women … Read more