Andrea Pirlo set to lose £500k deposit on Russian-owned villa after it was seized by the courts

Furious Italy legend Andrea Pirlo looks set to lose his £500,000 deposit on luxury villa at an exclusive millionaires’ resort after it was seized by the courts because of links to a pro-Putin Russian oligarch Andrea Pirlo is set to lose out on a £500k deposit he put down on a villa in Italy The … Read more

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace: ‘Vladimir Putin is a lunatic with small man syndrome’

‘Vladimir Putin is a lunatic with small man syndrome’: Defence Secretary Ben Wallace launches broadside at Russian leader and says the country is not winning war in Ukraine The UK Defence Secretary says he doesn’t believe Russia is winning the war Ben Wallace said the Russian leader has suffered the loss of 25,000 troops  He … Read more

UK sanctions Russia’s second-richest man Vladimir Potanin – worth £13bn and Putin’s ‘hockey buddy’

Britain sanctions Russia’s second-richest man Vladimir Potanin – who is worth £13 BILLION and is Putin’s ‘hockey buddy’ – as oligarch ‘prepares for latest round of mega-divorce battle with ex-wife at London’s Supreme Court’ Britain today slaps sanctions on Russia’s second-richest man Vladimir Potanin  The 61-year-old is worth £13bn and is a ‘hockey buddy’ of … Read more

Macron tells Ukraine to negotiate with Putin days after saying Russia should ‘not be humiliated’ 

Macron tells Ukraine it will have to negotiate with Putin to end the war days after angering Kyiv by suggesting Russia should ‘not be humiliated’ Emmanuel Macron said in Romania Ukraine ‘will have to negotiate’ with Russia He said he will ‘do everything to stop Russia’ as he pushes for peace talks Macron has been … Read more

Italian journalist has live on-air spat with colleague as he slams him for propagandising for Putin

Chaotic scenes unfolded on Italian television over the weekend when a prominent journalist accused a colleague of propagandising on behalf of Vladimir Putin. Alessandro Sallusti walked out mid-way through a live show on Sunday, but not before unleashing a scathing tirade against fellow journalist Massimo Giletti – who was reporting live from Moscow as a … Read more

Biden’s Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says there is ‘not much that can be done’ on gas prices

Gasoline prices set another new record high on Tuesday, averaging $4.92 per gallon for regular just as many families prepare to set off on their summer vacations. Average gas prices have jumped 30 cents in the past week, and $1.87 from a year ago, according to the AAA Gas Price Index, and are now on … Read more

Karine Jean-Pierre blames inflation on ‘global challenges’ and points finger at Trump

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday morning blamed ‘global challenges’ including the invasion of Ukraine and pointed to the Trump administration for inflation and the state of the economy. Biden is under pressure to fix the highest inflation in 40 years and is calling it his top priority, but polls show Americans overwhelmingly doubt … Read more

Scotland have become unwitting ‘bad guys’ ahead of World Cup play-off semi-final against Ukraine

The media accreditation list for a Scotland international rarely features news correspondents from CNN, Reuters, Al Jazeera, Sports Illustrated, the Washington Post, Bild, L’Equipe and the New York Times. The convergence of world news outlets on Glasgow for a World Cup play-off semi-final against Ukraine tonight reflects the significance of an event which now transcends … Read more

Todd Boehly ‘will be an excellent owner’ for Chelsea, insists Liverpool chief Tom Werner

Todd Boehly ‘will be an excellent owner’ for Chelsea, insists Liverpool chief Tom Werner and reveals his fellow American is ‘working on a stadium solution’ as he welcomes their rival’s £4.25bn takeover American Todd Boehly has completed his £4.25billion takeover of Chelsea  Liverpool chief Tom Werner believes Boehly will be ‘excellent’ for the club  Werner … Read more

Putin’s daughter ‘has been undergoing vampire facelift treatments in Germany’, report claims 

Vladimir Putin’s daughter has been undergoing ‘vampire facelift’ treatment as her father spills blood in Ukraine, says a report. Katerina Tikhonova, 35, travelled to Munich where she underwent a beauty remedy favoured by Kim Kardashian. Her blood was removed, then processed and injected back under the skin in a treatment costing £4,310 per session, reported … Read more