Controversy as Novak Djokovic’s dad is seen posing with Russian flag featuring Vladimir Putin’s face

Novak Djokovic’s father is seen posing with a Russian flag featuring Vladimir Putin’s face while a supporter shouts: ‘Long live Russia!’ Srdan Djokovic has been filmed posing with Russian flag  The flag also featured Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s face It comes as four fans were ejected for their pro-Russian flags and chants By Mike Dickson … Read more

Dentist behind TikTok ‘mewing’ craze ‘tried to realign children’s teeth with unproven procedures’

The dentist behind the TikTok ‘mewing’ craze that claims to change the shape of your jawline without surgery treated two children with ‘invasive and harmful’ mouth-altering treatments that are unproven, a tribunal heard today. Dr Mike Mew could be struck off over ‘pejorative’ claims he tested out the treatment on a six-year-old boy and girl in a bid … Read more

YouTube algorithm accidentally blocks ‘black v white’ CHESS strategy

YouTube’s overeager AI might have misinterpreted a conversation about chess as racist language. Last summer, a YouTuber who produces popular chess videos saw his channel blocked for including what the site called ‘harmful and dangerous’ content. YouTube didn’t explain why it had blocked Croatian chess player Antonio Radic, also known as ‘Agadmator,’ but service was … Read more

YouTube vlogger fined for travelling in lockdown refuses to pay

YouTube vlogger, 28, fined three times for breaching lockdown to travel to cities to film is refusing to pay because he says his work is ‘essential’ Marti Blagborough made trips to Lincoln despite living 70 miles away in Leeds Lincolnshire Police slapped him and a fellow vlogger with fines worth £200 He’s already challenging fines … Read more

TikTok’s ‘most-viewed house’ in Orpington on sale for £1.25m

Premier League footballers, YouTubers and pop stars are battling it out to buy TikTok’s most-viewed house for £1.25million. The five-bedroom, four-bathroom house in Orpington, Bromley – dubbed the ‘footballer’s mansion’ by owner Tommy McNally – is any sports lover’s dream with its own indoor pitch featuring a ‘pinball style’ target system, as well as a cinema … Read more

Katie Price’s son Harvey is set to shoot a second documentary as he moves into residential college

Katie Price’s son Harvey currently in talks to film a second BBC documentary, as he moves out of his family home and embarks on a new life in residential college. Harvey, 18 – who is on the autism spectrum and was born with disabilities including partial blindness, ADHD and Prader-Willi syndrome – brought viewers to tears … Read more

Olivia Jade Giannulli poses poolside in a stylish rust toned bikini as she revels in the SoCal heat

She is eagerly plotting a return to YouTube, after stepping away from the platform in 2019 due to her parents’ participation in the Operation Varsity Blues scandal. And Olivia Jade Giannulli honed her social media influencer persona on Saturday as she shared an obligatory bikini snapshot to Instagram.  ‘swinter ?!?’ captioned the 21-year-old, referencing to the … Read more

Facebook BANS Trump’s account after president incited MAGA mob to storm US Capitol

President Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts will remain locked until at least January 20th for fear that he will incite more violence, after his supporters stormed the US Capitol building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. In an extraordinary post, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg accused Trump of using the platform ‘to incite violent insurrection against a … Read more

Facebook BANS Trump’s account after president incited MAGA mob to storm US Capitol

Facebook and Instagram will keep President Trump’s account locked until at least January 20th for fear that more violence will ensue following Wednesday’s storming of the US Capitol building in Washington, DC, by his supporters. The decision, which was announced in a Facebook post by company CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, will likely put pressure … Read more