Jamie Carragher HAMMERED for poor defending against Thierry Henry during 4-2 loss to Arsenal in 2004

‘I don’t know if you were dancing or twisting!’: Jamie Carragher hammered for ‘shocking’ defending against Thierry Henry at Highbury in 2004 by Micah Richards and Roy Keane ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Liverpool

  • The pundits gave Carragher stick for his sloppy defending against Thierry Henry
  • The former Liverpool defender was on the end of a 4-2 hammering at Highbury 
  • Henry was ‘the greatest to have played in the Premier League’ says Carragher  

Jamie Carragher was the butt of the jokes in the build-up to Liverpool v Arsenal as the Sky Sports punditry team highlighted his defensive errors against Thierry Henry in a game at Highbury in 2004. 

Micah Richards led the analysis segment in the build-up to Easter Sunday’s blockbuster fixture and questioned Carragher’s body position when marking the former Invincible. 

Richards hinted at a slight sense of hypocrisy from Carragher as he claimed the Liverpudlian is ‘always talking about body positions.’  

The clip showed Henry as he dazzled his way through half of the Liverpool outfielders before calmly dispatching the ball into the far corner of the net. 

Carragher was highlighted on-screen before replays showed him tripping over his feet, wiping out Igor Biscan in the process, as Henry glided past them both with ease. 

Micah Richards questioned Jamie Carragher over his defending against Thierry Henry in 2004

The panelists were left laughing at Carragher's sorry attempt at stopping Henry from scoring

The panelists were left laughing at Carragher’s sorry attempt at stopping Henry from scoring

Henry scored a hat-trick against Liverpool and Carragher in the 4-2 victory at Highbury

Henry scored a hat-trick against Liverpool and Carragher in the 4-2 victory at Highbury 

Speaking during Sky’s coverage of this afternoon’d Premier League games, Richards said: ‘Talking about defining moments, Thierry Henry’s second goal in that game [against Arsenal] that we’ve just seen, can we have a bit of a closer look please.

‘Jamie’s always talking about body positions and I just want to look at your body position here.’ 

The clip of Henry’s second goal of that game in 2004 then began to play, which had the panel in hysterics and even left Roy Keane with a rare grin on his face. 

‘I don’t know if you was dancing or if you was twisting, you twist one way, you twist the other and you take Biscan out of the game as well,’ Richards continued. 

Carragher protested: ‘My only defence is it was against the greatest player to have ever played in the Premier League, that’s my only defence. 

‘No protection, Didi Hamann sprawling, I mean Biscan whips me up – what do you want me to do?’

Presenter David Jones then prompted Keane to weigh in on the matter, who was also left unimpressed by the state of Carragher’s defending. 

‘Had you just come back from injury Jamie? Shocking,’ he said.  

Henry scored a hat-trick as Arsenal went on to record a 4-2 victory over Arsenal on this day in 19 years ago, which helped the Gunners on their way to achieving the famed invincibles season.