Celebrity facialist performs buccal facial on This Morning that promises instant anti-ageing for £425 (but you’ll have to put up with fingers in your mouth!)

It’s a secret anti-ageing weapon for celebrities including Meghan Markle, Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs – and the buccal facial took centre stage on This Morning today.

London-based celebrity facialist, Dimple Amani demonstrated the £425 ‘buccal facial sculpt’ which is famed for its non-invasive and non-surgical technique.

Instead of going under the knife to achieve a chiselled look, the expert instead promises a ‘bespoke internal contouring massage’ that leaves your facial muscles looking ‘younger fresher’, like an ‘instant facelift’.

Perhaps the most unusual element involves the aesthetician placing their fingers deep inside the mouth to perform a strenuous massage on the walls of the cheeks.

Speaking to hosts Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond, Ms Amani broke down the bizarre trend, beginning with the first step – a lymphatic massage. 

Celebrity facialist Dimple Amani appeared on This Morning Today to demonstrate a Buccal facial using model Sophie (pictured)

She said: ‘I’m going to firstly perform a lymphatic drainage – facial massage – to really relax the muscles’.

This step requires the expert to first work on the exterior of the lower half of the face.

She described the lymphatic system as the ‘filter system’, which is responsible for keeping your immunity functioning. 

‘It really helps to drain that fluid as it just sits below the skin which holds toxins,’ she said. 

She said the toxins are present in our lymph nodes, behind the ears and in our arms, and are flushed out once we hydrated ourselves.

A good old lymphatic drainage helps to push the process along, and makes you feel ‘relaxed’, which her model Sophie attested to.

‘So we want a nice dewy, glowy effect, so I’m going to drain first before going inside.’ Dimple said. 

‘Afterwards you feel really relaxed but after you feel a sudden boost of energy because your lymphatic system is boosted.’ 

It’s also the perfect antidote to giving the face a slimmer appearance because it ‘depuffs’ the skin from water retention leaving you looking ‘lighter’ and ‘sculpted’, claimed the expert.

A curious Dermot jumped straight into it and quizzed the facialist about ‘going inside the mouth’, saying: ‘What are you doing when you’re in there?’

Ms Amani (pictured) performed the £425 facial which is famed for its non-invasive and non-surgical technique

Ms Amani (pictured) performed the £425 facial which is famed for its non-invasive and non-surgical technique

‘Exactly what I’m doing outside. I’m going to be draining inside the mouth’ explained Dimple.

‘I’m really going to work round the jaw area, the cheeks – now I’m going to get the gloves on.

‘Initially it’s cary because I’m going in her mouth but after that it’s super relaxing.’

Sophie then opened her mouth before the expert placed both thumbs on opposite sides near the cheek area.

The model appeared calm as Ms Amani worked the inner corners of her mouth with both ease and precision.

Explaining the method, she said: ‘I’m massaging the cheeks… often we hold a lot of tension around the jaw area. Your jaw is a hub of activity and emotions. It’s important to de-stress those muscles.’

A curious Dermot hilariously asked the facialist about 'going inside the mouth' - which co-host Alison has done here

A curious Dermot hilariously asked the facialist about ‘going inside the mouth’ – which co-host Alison has done here

Her fingers made their way upwards towards Sophie’s eyebrows as she continued to weave and press the skin. The inner portion of the massage takes around 15 minutes to complete.

For concerned viewers, Sophie ensured that the massage didn’t hurt and was actually quite ‘relaxing’.

Offering more insight into the technique, Dimple concluded that it helped with ‘fine lines, wrinkles, nasolabial folds.’

She said: ‘It’s an alternative to Botox and fillers – and an instant facelift as well.’

The total sculpting session goes on for 60 minutes and is expected to last for a total of two weeks: 

‘But the more you do it, it will stay’ said Dimple explained. 

She also suggested newbies repeat the procedure a few times a week before undergoing monthly sessions.

According to her website, a 60 minute session with the celebrity facialist will set you back almost £500, but you can also train to perform the massage on yourself.