‘Judge Judy can kiss my a**e’: Liam Gallagher says ‘99% of judges are massive C***Z’

Liam Gallagher has said ‘99% of judges are massive c***z’ in a furious Twitter rant after his ‘entitled’ son was criticised in court over a drunken fight at a Tesco Express.  Gene Appleton Gallagher, 21, and Ringo Starr’s grandson Sonny Starkey, 20, had charges for assault and affray dropped after agreeing to be bound over.  However, … Read more

Judge blasts ‘entitled’ rock offspring Liam Gallagher’s son and Ringo Starr’s grandson

A judge branded Liam Gallagher’s son Gene and Ringo Starr’s grandson Sonny Starkey ‘entitled’ after a late-night bust-up in a Tesco store where their model friend was accused of stealing a can of gin and tonic. Gene Appleton Gallagher, 21, and Sonny Starkey, 20, had charges of assault and affray dropped against them in return … Read more