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Hugh Sheridan tests positive for coronavirus

‘Scary, frustrating and lonely’: Packed To The Rafters star Hugh Sheridan tests positive for coronavirus

Packed To The Rafters star Hugh Sheridan has tested positive for COVID-19. 

The actor, 35, confirmed the news on Thursday in a lengthy Instagram post.  

‘I’ve been quiet for the last few days cause I’ve been feeling all the varied emotions about my positive Covid test. I haven’t felt like talking to anyone much yet,’ he wrote to fans. 

‘Scary, frustrating and lonely’: Packed To The Rafters star Hugh Sheridan, 35, has tested positive for coronavirus

Hugh had jetted into Australia from Los Angeles last month, and at the time was forced to undergo a mandatory 14-day stay inside a quarantine hotel. 

‘I had a negative result when I arrived (in Australia). I now know all my friends including who took me to LAX airport are all negative so it’s been confusing for me, it’s scary, frustrating and lonely,’ he said.  

Despite his positive test result, the House Husbands star confirmed he has never experienced any symptoms of COVID-19.  

‘I am SO LUCKY & I keep reminding myself to count each blessing 1 by 1. To everyone: this virus is seriously clever. Knowing now, that no one I saw back home overseas has it means I got it in a very short space of time (in transit or a surface) while I had minimal human contact,’ he wrote. 

Hugh went on to thank the health workers that have assisted him so far, including Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s new virtual healthcare service for providing information and emotional support during this difficult time.  

‘I wanted to be honest with you because we all have good days and not so good days and without days like my last few the good ones wouldn’t feel as good!’ the mental health advocate explained. 

‘To everyone that received a positive Covid test, I now know how that feels, I wish we could all be together so we could offer each other a shoulder or even better a HUG!’ he continued.

Hugh announced that he will be taking time out from social media and focussing on editing his new script titled, The Dance.  

‘If I’m not on social media as much it’s not necessarily cause I’m down, it’s cause it can make me feel a lil worse for the moment,’ he confessed. 

‘This too shall pass. I AM OK! #somuchlove,’ he finished.  

The star’s army of A-list friends rushed to share messages of support, including Rebecca Gibney who recently reprised the role of Hugh’s on-screen mother in the Back To The Rafters reboot. 

‘Here for you always sweetheart. And yes you will get through this because you are a strong wonderful beautiful soul. See you very soon for that hug! Love you Mum 2,’ she wrote. 

News commentator Melissa Hoyer added: ‘Sending you so much love and a very speedy recovery my friend – so important to get everything you’re feeling out there to your tribe.’