Nearly half of Brits are cutting back on treats ahead of Christmas, report shows – with spending in restaurants dropping 11% on last year in the latest sign of cost of living pressures

Hard-up restaurants were dealt a further blow in September, as cash-conscious Britons chose to cut back on eating out in the runup to Christmas. A consumer survey carried out by Barclays found 44 per cent of respondents were dispensing with treats, with dining out the biggest sacrifice at 60 per cent.  Overall spending in restaurants … Read more

Can my grandson get a mortgage to buy a property in England after three years in Ireland? 

My 25-year-old grandson is returning to England to buy a property after three years in Ireland, can he get a mortgage if we help with a deposit? Rules on applicants and their residency status vary from lender to lender Some lenders require applicants to have been resident in the UK for three years  Some lenders … Read more