NASA’s James Webb captures once-hidden beginnings of a young star that is only 100,000 years old

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has captured the ‘once-hidden’ beginnings of a very young star during its exploration to find the first galaxies. The image of this never-before-seen protostar shows an ‘hourglass’ shape that looks like it is on fire in the middle of the blackness of space, which is only visible in infrared … Read more

Exoplanets rich in hydrogen and helium may host life, study says

‘Super Earths’ outside our solar system may host lifeforms for a longer period of time than Earth, a new study suggests. Researchers say rocky exoplanets with atmospheres dominated by hydrogen and helium have surfaces warm enough to host liquid water. The presence of liquid water is ‘favourable for life’, so these planets could provide habitable conditions and … Read more

Pluto has ICE VOLCANOES that were ‘recently’ active – including one the size of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa

Pluto has ice volcanoes, including one the size of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, new images snapped by NASA’s New Horizon’s spacecraft have revealed. The images show an area of the dwarf planet that contains volcanoes up to 4.3 miles (7km) tall that were active ‘relatively recently’. Ice volcanoes have previously been found in several other places … Read more