The TRUE scale of the world’s biggest iceberg: Enormous ‘megaberg’ that broke free last month is just under one TRILLION tonnes – 100 million times as heavy as the Eiffel Tower, scientists say

New satellite measurements reveal the true scale of the world’s largest iceberg.  Called A23a, the platform of floating ice has a surface area of 1,500 square miles, a volume of 263 cubic miles and a mass just below one trillion tonnes. That makes it not only four times as big as Greater London, but a whopping … Read more

Apple’s new security update will block thieves from accessing a stolen iPhone

Apple is set to add even more protection to the iPhone in the next iOS update, which will stop thieves from accessing smartphones with passcodes. Called ‘Stolen Device Protection,’ the new setting promises to prevent cyber-criminals from locking iPhone users out of their Apple accounts or accessing any of their passwords stored in Apple’s Keychain. … Read more

The pesticides in your Pinot Grigio: Study reveals more than HALF of wines sold on the British high street contain toxic chemicals – so, is your favourite bottle affected?

SIX PESTICIDES  – Feteasca Regala (Romania)   FIVE PESTICIDES – Mimo Moutinho Red Blend (Portugal)  – Marks & Spencer Malbec (France)  – Sainsbury’s Gavi White Wine (Italy)   FOUR PESTICIDES – Valdo Prosecco Rose (Italy)  – Myton Hill Pinot Grigio White Wine (Moldova)   THREE PESTICIDES – La Vieille Ferme Red Wine (France)  – Sainsbury’s Pinot Grigio Trentino … Read more

Amazon reveals the most-asked questions and requests to its smart assistant in 2023 – from ‘Alexa, insult me’ to ‘Alexa, fart 17 times in a row’

She’s the go-to smart assistant for millions of people around the world. And now Amazon has revealed the questions and requests that Britons asked Alexa the most in 2023 – including some rather weird and wonderful entries. From ‘Alexa, how old is King Charles?’ to ‘Alexa, sing the national anthem’, many of the top requests … Read more

America is LOSING its status as science hub of world: More than 75% of STEM workers say China and others have surpassed US

America may be known for pioneering many sciences and technologies, but a new report has revealed that it is now losing this race to other nations like China. A survey of STEM-related workers showed that 75 percent believe the US is falling behind in these industries or has even lost to global competition.  Even more, … Read more

What REALLY lives on your child’s hands after a visit to the playground: Microbiologist discovers thousands of bacteria lurking on kids’ palms after a one-hour session

Microbiologist reveals just how clean children’s playgrounds really are He found thousands of bacteria on child’s hand after one hour at the playground By Melody Fletcher For Mailonline Published: 11:41 GMT, 7 November 2023 | Updated: 11:41 GMT, 7 November 2023 A trip to the playground is something that most children and parents look forward … Read more

Four rare birds of prey thrive at ‘record’ levels in the UK as ospreys soar back from the brink of extinction

 Systematic persecution over 150 years had left ospreys on brink of extinction  Marsh harrier, goshawk and white-tailed eagle population at all-time high   Findings highlight that 2021 was also a good year for rarer breeding herons By Colin Fernandez Environment Editor Published: 22:54 GMT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 23:06 GMT, 1 November 2023 Ospreys are among … Read more

Scientists discover for the first time that sperm defy one of Newton’s laws of PHYSICS

 Scientists found sperm tails deform to propel the agent through liquid The elasticity of the tails should expend more energy and hinder mobility  READ MORE: Scientists share more proof pollution damages sperm By Stacy Liberatore For Published: 20:35 BST, 26 October 2023 | Updated: 22:30 BST, 26 October 2023 Scientists say they have discovered … Read more