Psaki announces Biden will FINALLY hold a press conference next Wednesday

Psaki announces Biden will FINALLY hold a press conference next Wednesday: President will face the full press for the first time in 78 days Biden will take questions from reporters Wednesday, Jen Psaki said It will be his first formal presser since early November in Glasgow White House has fended off questions for months about … Read more

Ivanka and Jared load up their truck and take their three children on a Sunday outing

Boy and their toys! Jared Kushner fools around with his boys on back of their Dodge RAM pickup as he and Ivanka head out for family day in Florida  The former White House advisers were seen at their Miami home Sunday with their children Ivanka, 40, and Jared, 41, dressed down for the outing in … Read more

Kinzinger blames ‘profit-driven radio’ for turning Trump fans into ‘angry, fearful victimized group’

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois said on Sunday that Donald Trump is a ‘symptom’ of the anger stoked by right-wing talk radio narratives that profit off of fear and victimization. Speaking to NBC’s Meet The Press, the outgoing GOP lawmaker said the former president’s meteoric rise to power came because he was at the … Read more

Editor of Forbes reveals testified for Trump grand jury in criminal investigation into his business

Editor of Forbes reveals he testified before a grand jury investigating Trump’s business and was asked if ex-president ‘inflated his wealth’ Forbes editor Randall Lane says he spoke to a grand jury for 20 minutes He says he sought to avoid testifying by fighting a subpoena Prosecutors are probing Trump’s finances and valuations There are … Read more

Joe Biden’s approval rating is just 27% in under-30s while 4% think US economy is ‘excellent’

Even Gen Z and millennials are abandoning Biden: Just 27% of Americans under 30 approve of the president and only 4% believe the economy is ‘excellent,’ according to another dire poll amid mounting questions over whether he will run again A new dire poll shows that President Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at 27 per … Read more

Nearly one-third of Dems DON’T think Biden should run in 2024 and 31% want him replaced by VP Harris

Nearly one-third of Democrats DON’T think Joe Biden should run for reelection in 2024 and 31% want him replaced on the ticket by Kamala Harris A new poll shows 58% of voters don’t want Biden to run for reelection in 2024  Only 60% of Democratic respondents want Biden to run for a second term If … Read more

David Perdue joins lawsuit seeking to prove he and Trump were cheated out of election victories

David Perdue is joining a lawsuit with President Trump seeking to prove they were both cheated out of victory, nearly a year after their losses in the Peach State.   The suit comes just days after Perdue, a former Senator who lost reelection this year, announced he will challenge GOP Gov. Brian Kemp in the 2022 … Read more

Trump is now LEADING Biden in the five swing states that flipped blue in 2020

Donald Trump has all but formally announced his intentions to run for the presidency again in 2024, and  his team is honing in on taking back five states Biden won in 2020 that he’d won in 2016.  The former president’s shadow campaign team polled Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all of which were decided … Read more

Health fears for ‘confused’ President Biden, 79, after anaesthetic for check-up and colonoscopy 

Health fears for ‘confused’ President Biden, 79, after having anaesthetic for a check-up and a colonoscopy Nicknamed ‘Sleepy Joe’, President Biden spent Friday mostly under anaesthetic  Presidential powers were passed to Kamala Harris for about 90 minutes Critics are now openly saying he has dementia and possibly Alzheimer’s By Caroline Graham for The Mail on … Read more

Most white women without college degrees think Biden STOLE 2020 election

Most white women without college degrees think Biden STOLE 2020 election – and 18 percent say Trump will ‘likely’ be REINSTATED – in new poll A majority of white women without college degrees thought that Biden didn’t ‘legitimately’ beat Trump in the 2020 election, according to a new poll Fifty-one percent of 339 white women … Read more