Tanya Plibersek breaks silence on being ‘demoted’ to environment portfolio by Anthony Albanese

Tanya Plibersek has admitted she was ‘surprised’ to be saddled with the environment ministry instead of her expected education post. The former Labor deputy leader has been touted as a leadership rival to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese since he took over the party in 2019. The environment and water portfolio was seen as a demotion after … Read more

Energy minister Chris Bowen loses it at a journalist over energy crisis

Chris Bowen has furiously dismissed suggestions that prolonging coal-fired power is the solution to Australia’s energy crisis. The Energy Minister Minister fired-up in a press conference when he was challenged by a journalist about the unreliability of renewable energy. One of the reasons given for the National Electricity Market suspension on Wednesday was a lack … Read more

Anthony Albanese writes to UN to increase Australia’s emissions reductions target

Anthony Albanese has written to the United to Nations to increase Australia’s emissions reduction targets in the middle of an energy crisis.  The Prime Minister signed the letter to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa in Canberra on Thursday as millions of Australians were urged to conserve power to avoid blackouts. He was … Read more

Australia’s energy crisis worsens: Anthony Albanese to hold an emergency meeting on Thursday

Australia’s energy crisis has deepened, with the National Electricity Market suspended, hospitals ordered to reduce electricity use and millions of people urged not to use basic appliances, despite the freezing winter weather.  Anthony Albanese and energy minister Chris Bowen will hold an emergency meeting with industry and union leaders on Thursday to discuss the growing … Read more

Federal politicians get $211 a week pay rise while low paid get an extra $40

Outrage as Australia’s lowest paid workers get a $40 a week payrise while politicians get a $211 increase – as Anthony Albanese is called to turn down the pay bump Fair Work Commission grants federal politicians their best pay rise in a decade Calls for the Prime Minister and opposition leader, Peter Dutton, to refuse … Read more

Anthony Albanese blasts KFC for using cabbage in its burgers

Anthony Albanese blasts KFC for using cabbage in its burgers as the price of lettuce skyrockets: ‘That’s just wrong’ KFC has started using cabbage in its burgers due to high lettuce prices  Anthony Albanese was asked about the move in radio interview on Thursday  He said it was ‘just wrong’ to use cabbage and said … Read more

Daniel Andrews takes a swipe at Scott Morrison saying he didn’t give Victoria ‘our fair share’

Dan Andrews takes ANOTHER dig at Scott Morrison as he shares the reason why many Victorians voted for Anthony Albanese Mr Andrews took shot at Morrison over Victoria’s Suburban Rail Loop He said Victoria ‘didn’t get our fair share’ after former PM refused to fund project Mr Andrews suggested that was one reason why Victorians support … Read more

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese quotes Billy Bragg lyrics in first speech and wears old tie

Anthony Albanese is new to the office of prime minister but has shown a fondness for old things – including recycling 1983 pop lyrics and wearing 15-year-old ties.  In his first speech to the ALP caucus since the election of the new government, Mr Albanese quoted lyrics from UK left-wing firebrand singer Billy Bragg: ‘Just … Read more

Australia’s new prime minister makes moves to remove the Queen as head of state

Is Australia reign over for monarch? Country appoints ‘assistant minister for the republic’, fuelling prospects of the Queen no longer being head of state The Queen faces being ousted as head of state in Australia by a new appointee  ‘Assistant minister for the republic’, a new role in Australia, aims to axe monarch Sydney MP Matt … Read more

Labor claim Gilmore as Anthony Albanese comfortably secures majority government with 77 seats

Labor claims Gilmore as Anthony Albanese comfortably secures majority government with 77 seats – leaving teal independents powerless Labor claimed the seat of Gilmore, on NSW’s south coast, on Tuesday afternoon Anthony Albanese now comfortably has a majority government with 77 seats Mr Albanese only needed 76 to claim victory in the federal election Gilmore … Read more